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The national contact point for intellectual property in open knowledge transfer

Curtain Call for Women in IP

To present to you the diverse female faces of the sector and their thoughts on the matter of Intellectual Property, we have generated a curtain call for over fifty women. 



aws funding program "AI Knowledge" makes it possible!

Heute wollen wir Sie besonders auf die mit 1.9.2023 startende erste Ausschreibung der Förderungsmaßnahme „aws Sustainable Food Systems – explore“…

Am 20.3.23 fand das zweite Treffen des NCP-IP Frauen*Netzwerks statt.



Unlocking the Value of Knowledge: Join the ERA-Symposium on Open Science and Knowledge Valorisation

We cordially invite you to join the first Austrian ERA Symposium, taking place on 9 November 2023 in the Hotel Savoyen Vienna.

Welcome to the NCP-IP page

We are happy to welcome you to the national online contact point for intellectual property in the open transfer of knowledge. NCIP-IP contributes significantly in making the transfer of knowledge in Austria professional with the targeted reproduction of relevant knowledge and tools for intellectual property in the open transfer of knowledge. Above all, this occurs as a result of the provision of sample contracts Intellectual Property Agreement Guide, the support of fair, open innovation processes through the Open Innovation Toolbox as well as the reproduction of intelligence and relevant knowledge within the NCP-IP events.


About NCP-IP 

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