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FFG Funding

Spin-off Fellowship

A competent, generous start-up support can achieve greatness. The ‚Spin-off Fellowship‘ programme supports researchers at Austrian universities in bringing innovation to the market. The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of Austria provides financial support, as well as professional support of the FFG. The aim is to support innovative ideas with market potential, knowledge transfer and the reinforcement of Austria in the field of IP. The 100 % funding of the higher education facility and/or research facility should also enable them to develop up-and-coming talent and to keep the ideas flowing.


Patents provide security and stability, which are essential for start-ups and small to medium-sized enterprises. ‚Patent.Scheck‘ is especially aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and companies being founded. The aim is to strengthen the IP competence of these companies and to clarify the patentability of their research ideas. The provision is applicable once annually for each research idea and can be implemented with a national patent office. Costs of up to 12,500.00 euros are funded, whereby the FFG adopts up to 80 %. Should the innovation be patentable, the funding can be used to cover other services like, for example, the patent application and patent monitoring.

Qualification Offensive

The ‘Qualification Offensive’ programme supports the transfer of knowledge and the cooperation between science and economy through different support provisions. Companies and their employees can develop their competences in the field of innovation, development and digitisation. The ‘Digital Skills Check’ supports the development of the employees’ digital skills, the ‘Innovation Camps’ provide support in the knowledge transfer and the ‘Digital Pro Bootcamps’ aid in the education of IT staff. With the qualification offensive of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy of Austria (BMAW), Austrian companies are strengthened in terms of their digitisation and innovation agendas.


The COMET Programme has the objective of stronger networks between science and economy. The collaboration should be deepened through mutual research projects for market-oriented innovations. As a result, the economy and research location of Austria should be supported through physical COMMET centres in which their enterprises and research institutions can work together. The programme is supported by the Republic of Austria, the participating Federal States and the FFG.


As with the previously mentioned programmes, the focus of „Bridge“ likewise rests upon the transfer of knowledge and the cooperation between science and economy. However, “Bridge” differentiates itself in terms of its orientation and pays attention to the basic research. The tendering is open to all subject areas and technologies, and is funded up to a maximum of 80 % across the whole project period.

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