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IP Training

The protection of intangible assets is becoming of greater significance in an ever increasing digital world. Whether in a start-up, spin-off, large enterprise, as a photographer or software engineer - intellectual property arises everywhere, which needs to be secured and defended by corresponding protection rights to also make innovations economically successful. Nevertheless, you need IP skills to successfully handle IP (Intellectual Property), to strategically use intellectual property and for the targeted transfer of knowledge.

Which institutions provide further education on IP skills and at what point should skills for the use of property rights and utilisation strategies be acquired? While studying, beforehand or only when founding a spin-off or a start-up? Here you will find an overview of the current prevailing offer of further education in the field of IP skills.

The offer presented here is not complete and is subject to constant development. 


Training with a graduation or certificate

Training and seminars

Training in innovation management

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