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Sample contract for data utilisation now also online in English

Faster transfer rates and higher storage capacities are prerequisites for the management of data. Technological foundations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI) enable data-driven business models by linking and analysing huge amounts of data (big data) in ecosystems.

This makes data a key economic factor and ensures the competitiveness of companies.  However, research institutions can also make a significant contribution to a value chain with the data they collect and generate and thus become central players in a data economy. In order to enable a classification of one's own goals and interests (e.g. processing of data generated by sensors), the law firm GEISTWERT analyses the legal basis and develops sample contracts to regulate the handling of data for companies and research institutions alike. The sample contracts are available for download at https://www.ncp-ip.at/vertragsmuster-ipag/vertragsmuster/software-entwicklung-und-datennutzung in German and English.

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