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Second call for funding programme AI Wissen launched

Would you like to strengthen your company's expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, do you need external expertise to advance your AI project or would you like to develop protection strategies for your AI innovation? The AWS AI Knowledge funding programme offers you the opportunity to build up and deepen your knowledge in the field of AI so that you can launch and implement your AI project. Find out more about the funding opportunities and how you can successfully prepare your company for the future with AI.

The AWS Innovation Programme aims to support companies in building knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence in order to effectively apply and further develop AI technologies in line with their business objectives. A particular focus is on the development and implementation of consistent AI business and innovation protection strategies as well as trustworthy AI. The funding programme aims to create the necessary conditions for the successful development and use of trustworthy AI applications. Further information and the opportunity to apply can be found on the aws website (https://www.aws.at/aws-innovationsschutz/ai-wissen/).


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