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Know-how transfer and grants for "Artificial Intelligence":

aws funding program "AI Knowledge" makes it possible!

Why should you, as a company that develops or uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), take advantage of the "AI Knowledge" funding program? So that you can learn what "AI made in Europe" may, should and must do in the future. So that you are always up to date with legal regulations, standards, norms and certifications throughout your project. So that the purchase of AI training data goes smoothly for you, and your ownership, usage and transfer rights are contractually secured in the best possible way. So that you don't have to develop everything yourself, but save development time and costs by purchasing third-party source code and other intellectual property. So that you know how to effectively protect your AI invention against illegal imitation. So that no patent infringement lawsuit threatens your company/business model when you bring your AI product or AI-based service to market. So that, in addition to advice and assistance, you can also lucrate financial grants that will help you a bit further with your AI project! 

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