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Knowledge transfer centers and IPR exploitation

Knowledge transfer centers and IPR exploitation

With the creation of three regional knowledge transfer centers (WTZ East, WTZ South and WTZ West) and a thematic knowledge transfer center in the life science sector, the Austrian universities are making an important contribution to intensifying the transfer of knowledge from science to business and society.

The aim of the regional knowledge transfer centers is to optimize and expand the handling of intellectual property. Economy and industry are to receive targeted information through networking measures in order to gain better and faster access to new knowledge, technologies and know-how. In particular, the search for university cooperation partners and rapid setting up of projects should be simplified. Particular attention is paid to the transfer of knowledge in the field of humanities, social and cultural sciences (GSK) and art. This strengthens competitiveness in the national and international environment and supports Austria in developing into an “innovation leader”.

The brochure of Knowledge Transfer Center East is devoted to the new types of project collaborations between the nine Vienna universities and external partner organizations from research, development, art, culture, business and politics that have emerged over the past four years. With the help of editorial articles, essays, statements and information visualizations, the publication offers an insight into the four years of work at WTZ Ost with a special focus on the areas of humanities, social and cultural studies (GSK), the development and exploration of the arts (EEK) and its possibilities and challenges in knowledge transfer.

The knowledge transfer centers are funded by the Federal Ministry for Digitization and Business Location (BMDW) and the Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BMBWF) and  operated by Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws).

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